Welcome!  I'm Alison, a multi-passionate attorney turned entrepreneur and etiquette enthusiast.  I'm here to help you shine in every social and professional setting.  I specialize in leading one-on-one coaching and group seminars on etiquette, executive presence, and international protocol for higher education institutions and employers of all sizes. 

My passion for etiquette began more than a decade ago when my husband and I were planning our wedding.

I had a number of wedding etiquette questions, so I purchased my first etiquette book thinking that I would use it to answer the specific queries on my mind.  Little did I know, it would be the first of countless books on etiquette, protocol, and emotional intelligence that I would read cover to cover.  In addition to my personal studies, I graduated with merit from The English Manner and Beaumont Etiquette’s Train the Trainer Grade One and Grade Two Programs.

the only
that never fades.

- Audrey Hepburn

Elegance is

Much of my perspective on etiquette and social graces is informed by my professional background. 

My hope is that through Elevate Etiquette I will be able to share what I’ve learned, help you avoid repeating my mistakes, and amplify or initiate your appreciation for the art and palpable impact of kindness, consideration, and compassion.

After earning my Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Villanova University, I was a TV news reporter and anchor for an NBC station in New York. I then moved to Washington, D.C., where I attended The George Washington University Law School. As an attorney, I’ve worked in a large corporate law firm as well as in the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the federal government, including the West Wing of the White House. I also served in a senior leadership position at a national nonprofit.

Prior to my roles in television news, law, politics, and philanthropy, I was a competitive ice dancer where I learned also learned a thing or to about excellent sportsmanship and grace under pressure.

Originally from New England, I now live in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. with my husband of ten years (time flies!). In addition to my roles as a lawyer, my husband, a real estate entrepreneur, and I, have renovated many properties together. My favorites have been the historic ones. We’re now on historic reno #3 - this time in Georgetown.